Tuesday, May 10, 2011

End of the year teacher gifts... and other stuff

I know what it's like as a teacher to receive gifts at the end of the year.  The kids, for the most part, are excited to give them and I was always excited to receive them.  There is, however, a limit as to how many certain somethings one person can have.  I definitely want my kids' teachers to know how much I appreciate them and value them but I'll spare them an apple notepad and try and show them in a more original way.  In years past I've given books and candles and plants.  I had nothing in mind this year but since I have the creativity of a coffee table, I was browsing online to find something unique.  I like to support those who are creative and Etsy is the perfect place to find unique things and creative people. 

I found Melinda from belleoftheball designs on Etsy and she has such cute personalized things for any occasion but so many of them are perfect for end of the year teacher gifts!  You can click on belleoftheball designs to browse her things.  I bought the acrylic tumblers for the kids' teachers so if you're a LNL mom - stay away from those!!  I got dibs!  She has so many other things, visit her and check them out!

See, aren't these cute?  And useful? 


I like Dr. Oz but I have a very hard time understanding him.  Am I the only one?  And no, it doesn't have anything to do with the terminology he uses.  He doesn't enunciate or something.  I listen to him in the car in the morning and I have now made a game of it.  If I can understand him during one segment, I get a point.  If I can't, Dr. Oz gets a point.  Unfortunately he usually wins.  Doesn't he have handlers who are supposed to tell him things like that?  Like, "Hey Dr. Oz, considering you are a radio personality, you should probably enunciate so your audience can understand you."
 I'm not sure why I keep listening.  I guess 'cause one day I hope to beat him at the game I've created. 


Wind.  Allergies.  Drew.  A horrible combination.  Poor girl is suffering so terribly.  I did Claritin for kids for a week thinking it would just kick in or something.  I've recently switched to Allegra for kids which is worse, or less effective, than the Claritin.  I'm taking her to see an allergist on Friday morning and I'm hoping they'll discover something that will bring her some relief.  Poor girl.  I got allergy shots for a few years as a kid so I understand what it's like.  And, as I've mentioned before, because of Drew's strong-willed nature, when she is miserable it's kind of a trickle-down effect.  She's not the only one who suffers.  I just want her to stop itching, stop snorting, get some decent sound sleep, and cheer up.  That allergist has a tall order to fill, I'm afraid.


Tonight we're going out for our 9 year anniversary dinner.  Not sure which has gone by faster, 9 years of marriage or 6 years of parenthood.  Both have been... fabulous.


  1. Girrrrlfriend... I bought the kids' teachers Tervis cups last year. We think so much alike it's disturbing. I love these and am all for Etsy.

    I hope Drew feels better.

    Have a wonderful evening!

  2. Cute idea! Love me some Etsy. My mother's necklace came from there. I emailed Ethan the link and it appeared on mother's day:) Both boys had allergy tests done. Their main symptom is dry cough which relates back to the asthma. I'm surprised the wind hasn't bothered them. Ryan does shots...it was hard at first. Now we are down to once a week and he is a pro. His are environmental, nothing much we can do except for the animal allergies. Our dogs are old (12 and 13) so once they pass we will be animal free. I've also heard with meds like clariten, it needs to be in their system for about a week to see results. It works on Ethan immediately when his nose runs from exposure to cats.

  3. I know you know your English grammar, so I know you don't throw in an ellipsis all willy-nilly like. So what's with the intended hesitation before "fabulous"? Damn it L'Heaurltlellelealt-Peters, your loyal readers demand full disclosure!

  4. Jay, you are too perceptive. I could have put lots of words there but chose fabulous. The ... implied, "thinking, thinking, thinking". Kudos, my friend!

  5. i was thinking of getting the cups like that from starbucks. but the personalized ones are way cuter! totally get what you mean about dr. oz. some days i like him, some days i think he's full of shit. sorry about drew and allergies. isaiah is the same but zyrtec paired with flonase has helped big time. so glad we didn't have to get allergy shots....they way our ped described it, it sounds like a long process.

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