Thursday, March 3, 2011

My square root babe

If you're at all  interested, and by that I mean you're at work and procrastinating or it's late at night and you can't sleep, I blogged a very short version of Lauren's birth story here and here, complete with pictures.  Well, not picture pictures.  You know what I mean.

She's gone from this:

March, 2009

To this:

March, 2010

To this:

March, 2011

I'm unsure who told her she can have opinions already but apparently she's gotten the memo that she can and boy, my happy easy girl is a little less so these days.  She's very tall and sits at the table with us and puts on the top part of her own seatbelt and can climb in and out of her own crib.  She's 2 going on 6.  It very possibly could be an interesting year... 

I absolutely could not love her any more if I tried and am sure I was born to be her mom.  Happy day to my joyful little girl. 


  1. Happy birthday!!! Too cute. I must visit soon!

  2. It's refreshing & inspiring to see how much Lauren completes you & your family! It's easy to tell she is adored! Happy Birth Day to you & Happy Birthday to your littlest baby!


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