Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gym ugly

*I'm tired, sore, and feeling snarky so this post may have an unusual number of bad words in it.  This is not an apology, it's an FYI*

I've been going to the gym now for 44 days.  How do I know it's been 44 days?  Here's how:

I'm keeping track.  I'm not really sure why, but I am.  This hangs on the back wall in my bathroom.  I cross off everyday and I write "gym" if I went to the gym that day.  At a glance I can see how I'm doing.  This is the first time I'm not really tracking my weight, just my activity.  The weight will surely fall into place as my activity level remains high.  I also know that every single time I've gone to the gym I've walked at least 3.5 miles.  I walk at an incline and I walk at a pace of 3.8 mph and I walk 3.5 miles.  I commit to those three things and nothing more at this point.  This body does not and will not run.  I'm not lifting any weights at this point.  I'll start soon probably but for now, this is my schtick.

So.  Today I went to the Dr. for an issue I won't bore you with and I stepped on the scale.  I saw the number and I almost said out loud, "OH, I'm calling BULLSHIT on that one."  No fucking way do I weigh that.  I am not delusional and think that I've lost all 40 pounds that I have to go but seriously.  The number that appeared was ridiculous.  I was pissed.  Like PISSED, for the rest of the afternoon.  How dumb is that?  The number thing is so ridiculous.  It's about health and how you feel and how your clothes fit.  Screw the scale.  Especially that scale at Kaiser.  That scale fucking sucks.

Tonight I went to the gym after the kids went to bed and I got ugly.  Like gym ugly.  You know what I'm talking about?  Hair pulled back and the fly-aways pinned back so I was all face.  I was super sweaty and still pissed at the scale at Kaiser which implied that I wasn't working hard enough at the gym.  I was also watching Biggest Loser which is a huge incentive in itself.  My iPod was set to "power songs" and it played great song after great song.  I walk with the app Nike+GPS and before I knew it Miss Nike was announcing to me that I'd completed 3 miles and I was honestly surprised.  I felt like I could have kept going and going.  Then I looked at the clock and knew that Chris was home and my pajamas were waiting for me.  I finished my 0.5 miles, cooled down for another quarter mile and called it a day.

Discouraged is not something I need to become which is why for the first time I'm letting my clothes and my chart tell me how I'm doing, not my scale.  And especially not that Kaiser scale.  Damn that thing for ruining my afternoon.

Here's to getting gym ugly a little more often.



  1. I don't trust the scale unless it's early in the morning, I'm naked and I've gone to the bathroom (and hair is not wet)! If it's not one of those, I mentally subtract 2-4 lbs. :).

    I've been working out pretty consistently with spinning and pilates for the past 9 months, and I'm the same weight since I started. It can be pretty discouraging, but I know I need to do more (being older and slower metabolism aren't helping at all). For me, it's my diet. I haven't been as good the past few months with it and it's not the scale but the clothes that show for it.

    Hang in there, Ashley. You're doing great! Keep it up :).

  2. Scales lie. I got on one at the doc's office last week and almost kicked it. It declared I was just as heavy as I've been for the past year but I knew my pants were now loose enough to need a belt to hold them up and my tummy wasn't as big. SCALES LIE.

  3. I agree scales do lie! I have big hang up with numbers and I weigh everyday....its an obsession! I refuse to weigh at the Dr. I just say "no thank you". So I have been exercising very regularly, changed my eating habits completely, lost 10 pounds and my cholesterol is higher than ever! I just don't get it. I can't take cholesterol pills either, so I'm trying Cholestoff by Nature Made. We'll see. Anyway, I will keep going to the gym, hang in there Ashley you are doing great! Sorry for all my babbling...

  4. NEVER look at the scale. Even on the intensive program I'm doing now they tell us not to look at the scale at all. First of all muscle weighs more than fat, so keep that in mind. How your clothes fit and how you feel are bigger indicators of how you are doing.

    I was also told in our class that the best way to burn fat is to build muscle. Build enough muscle and you can actually burn fat while you're sleeping...now that's incentive.

    Keep up the good work! You're doing GREAT and screw the scale.


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