Thursday, March 31, 2011

You've got mail!

See the cool new feature I have added there?  -------------->

You can submit your email address and when I publish a new post, you'll get a notice in your inbox that says so!  No wasting time to check and then see I've been lazy and haven't updated the blog.  You can just wait until you get an email and then come on over and read.  And if you haven't "liked" me on facebook what the hell is wrong with you? yet then this is a way to be updated about any new activity on the blog.  Ch-ch-check it out!

*The only thing I've discovered that's a negative about this feature is that if you just read the blog from that email notice, you miss all the fancy background, the pictures or graphics I may add, etc.  If you sign up for this, let it tell you of a new post and then actually come over to the website, mmmmm k?

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