Sunday, March 27, 2011


Today while Chris was working hard in the kitchen making his famous pesto, he asked if I would run to the store to get more garlic and some fresh tomatoes.  I scooped Lauren up, walked passed the older two who were in a TV coma and we got in the car.  Instead of putting her into her own carseat, I put her into William's.  She's never sat in William's carseat before.  This meant that she was on the left side of the car as opposed to the right. 

We drove to our local grocery store, exactly one mile away.  This is not only where we go and shop weekly, it's also on our way to school (2x a day) and it's next to our Starbucks (1x a day) - all to say, she knows this route as well as I do.  Well, you'd have thought she was in a new car going to a new place in a town she's never been before.  She was oohing and aahhing and gasping and pointing and giggling.  At first I didn't understand what was wrong with her and then I realized - she had never seen her world from this side of the car before and it was thrilling for her.

Yet another life lesson this little childofmine has taught me.  Sometimes we just need to see things from a different perspective to really appreciate them.


  1. Wait until you let her sit in the driver's seat for the first time. YOU will have a new perspective as 13 years.

  2. Wow, good point. Maybe the seats should get switched up frequently to give all the kids that thrill.


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