Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Deliberately predictable

My life is deliberately predicatable.  It's not that I don't like things to be shaken up once in a while, but with a 2, 4, and 6 year old as well as a husband who works 7 days a week, I need to keep the sanity which means keeping the peace which means keeping the schedule.  Deliberately predictable.

Up at 7:30am, to school at 8:30am, to the gym, home from school at noon, nap at 1:00pm, karate, dinner at 5:30pm, bath at 6:30pm, bed at 7:00pm and 8:00pm respectively.  Every. single. day.  In between all that stuff are the things I can't control and that's when we laugh and cry and get in trouble and get injured and do, well, stuff.  Today I caught a few of those things on film and I thought I'd share.

A day usually isn't completely complete until William is injured by Drew.  You can't see it very well in this picture but his lip is split and swollen.  Drew was swinging an old school bicycle horn around and William was acting like a crazy boy trying to grab it from her and she turned with it and it wacked him in the kisser.

While I was playing nurse, Drew was drawing up an apology letter on the white board in the front livingroom.  She called us all in to have us sit down so she could read it to us.  He said, "I accept your apology."  I was thinking, "Really?  She has jacked you up so many times, I don't think you should."

Today was haircut day and for the first time Drew got her hair washed like a grown up!  She said, "I want to do that everytime we go now!"  Uhhh, that shit ain't free, girlfriend.  We'll see.

Rockin'-my-world tantrum in the driveway.  This was because I unbuckled her seatbelt for her rather than spending 20 minutes standing there while she attempted to do it herself.  She got out of the car and promptly threw herself onto the concrete. 

After karate the kids went right out back to play a game of baseball.  Love it.


  1. Lauren's tantrum is too funny (in a I'm-not-there-to deal-with-it kinda way). Poor William. The punching bag of the siblings.

  2. You're funny, Girl. I love your stories. I bet you go right to sleep tonight...

  3. i love this post! all kinds of drama going on around here all day long, too! haha

  4. We are such a fan of the ground tantrum over here!


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