Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our last second birthday

Lauren's 2nd birthday celebration was yesterday and not only were we blessed with amazing weather and good food, we had so many loved ones and friends and happy kids that my backyard became more magical than ever before.  We also had such fantastic entertainment in the band The Afternaps

I won't bore you with a ton of text.  Our day, in pictures (and one video!):

The day before, the beginning of making 72 cupcakes

After making probably 1,000 cupcakes in the last 5 years, I finally discovered the most perfect way to not make a huge mess while filling them.

Sparkly cupcakes

The birthday girl on the morning of her party

The band, The Afternaps, with some of our youngest guests

The hokey pokey - with a beer in hand, no less! 

My girls and me enjoying the concert

The drawing table kept some of the younger ones quite busy

Lauren said, "Screw the coloring table.  I'm using my dress."

Blowing out her candles

Party of 5 after another birthday celebration.  And no, I have no idea what the hell that face is that William is making.

Seriously, a HUGE thanks and lots of love to every single person who came and shared the day with us.  Each of you is what helps make our Party of 5 so strong.  Friendship, support, and love is what it's all about.  And thanks to The Afternaps for making the day unforgettable!!


THE AFTERNAPS at the party!

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  1. Awwww...So Awesome! The pic of you with the girls is priceless. Looks like a magical day.


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