Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The senses of spring

As I sit on the floor of the front livingroom while the kids play in the front yard I can see them teaching each other karate moves and being kind.  I can feel the warm sun on my feet.  I can hear Lauren's lullaby humming from her monitor.  I can smell my new favorite candle which is lit in the other room.  Hello, my friends.  It officially feels like spring has arrived.

*Tomorrow I will start what my friend Kristen suggested become of Wednesdays.  We'll call it, What the Hell Wednesday.  It may be difficult for me to choose what to post because there are at least 5 times a day that I catch myself thinking, "What the hell...?"  Stay tuned!

ALSO, I hit 60 followers yesterday (welcome, Megan!!).  Love all my readers, especially my followers.  If you're just a lurker, consider following.  I'd love it.

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  1. Spring means Cadbury Mini-Eggs to eat!! My once a year treat.


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