Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Holytantrum hell

You know my happy girl?  The babe who slept so much as a 15 month old that she was the youngest person ever referred to the Kaiser sleep lab because she was seemingly normal in every other way but slept like a mother's dream?  The one smiled so much that Chris thought she was born with only half a brain?  The one who was so easy going and mild mannered and happy that I was almost embarrassed to have it so easy?  Yeah.  I remember her, too.  I'm not quite sure where she lives now, but I'm sure it's not here with us.  The girl who has taken her place keeps me on my toes, teaches me patience, and has kept my sense of humor on the front burner. It's the only way to deal with the dah-rahma that she seems to go through these days.  One minute she's laughing and chasing Drew and William and the next she has dramatically thrown herself to the ground in a brief fit of absolute hysteria.  I know it's normal.  I know she's 2.  I'm not trying to change it, I'm not complaining about it, and I think maybe someday I'll even miss it - these days of unpredictability in my very deliberate, predictable world.  And I'll just continue to keep my camera handy to capture it all.


  1. Honestly, the camera has kept me cool and collected so many times, that these kids should be thanking that camera for keeping that crazy-impatient-mama away with dah-rahma like this :). You're awesome and so are your kids! Thanks for always being so real :).

  2. ugghh! i do the same thing...keep the camera close....ethan has become all to comfy with lying on the floor in public places and it disgusts me so much =( i wrote about ethan's episodes too. you're lucky it just started, mines been here since about 8 months =(.

  3. A camera is a GREAT idea. We are so there right now. One minute she wants something, the next she doesn't. Five minutes later she wants it again and is ANGRY that she doesn't have it.

    It gives me whiplash.

  4. When Reece was a little younger, she used to bang her head on the floor and I did the same thing. I took a picture every time she did it and now have like 10 or so times I caught it to show her later.


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