Monday, March 7, 2011

Thank goodness for primal instincts

Isn't it amazing the survival traits we have as humans?  The primal instincts we have that help protect us and keep us safe?  Fight or flight is probably the most obvious and the most understood.  The least obvious and by far the least understood is the Tunethemout instinct.  All mothers have it.  You've seen those who are blessed with it.  They are the mothers who are absolutely paying no attention to their child (children) in the store or at the mall as they cry or whine or fight with their siblings.  The mothers continue to shop and read labels and look beyond the kids as if they are not there.  You may look at her and think, "Jesus, pay attention to your child!  Shut them up!  Keep them quiet!  Teach them some manners!"  It's not that she doesn't want to do those things but it's that she doesn't hear the nonsense going on.  For reals.  It's that tunethemout instinct that has kicked in and for her to remain sane and survive the day she has to tune them out.  She has to.  It may be annoying to you, the patron of the store who has to listen to those kids, but just deal with it.  You get to get into your quiet car or go home to your quiet house.  That lady is stuck with those kids.  Not just for the day but forever.  Think about it.  But don't pity her, and don't judge her.  Give her a break.  Chances are she's already had a helluva day.  She doesn't need some stranger giving her the stink eye.  But even if they did, it's likely she'd tune them out, too.


  1. I think I've accidentally acquired that skill with Jay. Doh!

  2. i knew there was something innate about my remarkable ability to tune them out. it couldn't otherwise be so easy. bahahahaha


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