Friday, February 11, 2011

What do you loooooove?

Valentine's Day is coming!  We don't do gifts for each other but we make stuff.  Well, the kids make stuff.  We all wear pink or red and eat candy and it gives me a reason to annoy William by always saying, "It's February.  The month of looooooooove."

Aside from my husband, kids, and family - here are some things I loooooooove.

I loooooooove...

  • when I think there are clothes in the dryer and I go to unload it and it's empty.
  • looking at the calendar on a Sunday to discover Chris has a day off that week with nothing planned but us.
  • a dentist, doctor, or hair appointment for me because I get to go alone.
  • when Lauren helps me put the dishes away and we name each. and. every. item.
  • Pauly D
  • going to bed sore from a good workout
  • naptime
  • storytime
  • listening to Drew read
  • my iPod
  • clean sheets
  • baking for the kids' birthday parties
  • watching the weather report on the news
  • my laptop
  • that Target sells Icees and that a small Icee lasts just long enough for me to finish my shopping
What, besides the obvious, do you love??

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1 comment:

  1. - learning something complex and that moment when you figure it out.
    -Jay making me laugh so hard that the laughing is silent cuz I can't get any air in or out.
    -a good movie.
    -driving around on a beautiful sunny day.
    -hearing Emma laugh.
    -music! Yes, iPod is amazing. To think before that we had to listen to the same CD and change it out to listen to something else!
    -having tea with Jay at the Tea Cozy. So lovely.
    -traveling and seeing new things.


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