Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wonder how this will effect their SAT scores?

When Drew was a baby, I made almost everything she ate.  I had this wonderful cookbook and I steamed and pureed and froze just about everything for her.  With the exception of canned green beans (which she LOVED) everything was fresh and mostly organic.  Her first chocolate was the cupcake she ate at her first birthday and the second chocolate was her cupcake at her second birthday.

Can't you just taste the yumminess?

When William was a baby, he ate a lot more "normal" things, but I still made some of the same baby foods for him that I made for Drew.  I didn't do it very often, but I did do it.  I made a hot breakfast for both kids every single morning and made sure if William was going to carry something around the house to nibble on it was something homemade and nutritious.  His first chocolate was his cupcake at his first birthday party.

When Lauren was a baby, I made sure she was fed.  Somehow.  She learned very early to eat by herself and by 15 months was out of her highchair completely.  She sat (sits) at the counter for breakfast with the big kids and sits at the table for all other meals with the rest of us.  She, like William, would walk around nibbling on something only it was often a toasted frozen waffle (gasp!) or a granola bar.  I would look at her with chocolate on her mouth from her chocolate chip granola bar at 7:30am and think that she would have been the kid I'd use as an example as I would rant on about unfit parents.  SHE became that kid.  I became that mom.  Sad, but true.  Her first chocolate was... not at her first birthday party.

Then today.  Today we hit a new low. 

Can you see the shame in her eyes?  Even she knows how terrible this is.

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  1. Ha, I love your honesty, we have all been there! I once left the room to change my 6 month olds diaper and came back into the kitchen to find my 2 and half year old finishing the remains of my coffee and sadly it didn't phase him. I think we all have that moment where we think to ourself, gosh I just won a parent of the year award for that one. It doesn't make you a bad Mom it just makes you human, chin up there is always another day.


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