Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Beautiful you!

I've never felt NOT beautiful but I've never walked around thinking I'm fabulous either.  I've always struggled with my weight and unfortunately I probably always will.  Being pregnant so many times so quickly jacked me up and I have to work waaaaay harder than I've been willing to do thus far so what ya see is what ya get, for now anyway.  I was lucky that being nearly 6 feet tall and a few sizes bigger than everyone else that I knew it never defined me.  I was athletic and involved and that was that.  It was absolutely not an issue.  So, back to the subjetct of feeling beautiful.  Or not beautiful.  It, too, was kind of not an issue.  I never thought about it.  Until I had kids.  I became so much more aware of how I carried myself, thought of myself, felt about myself after I had kids.  Especially after I had Lauren.  Having two daughters is a big responsibility in this society of F'd up advertising where every girl is told somehow that unless she is really thin that she is not beautiful.  It's scary.  I want my girls to know that although mommmy doesn't look like any of those people they'll ever see on TV or in a magazine, I AM beautiful and healthy and happy.  It's a tall order I'm afraid but I think I've taken the first step in believing that... I am beautiful. 

I hope you feel the same about yourself. 

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  1. I have a fond memory of a gal that you met once, she made you giggle and you might have even blushed from the compliment she paid you. Do you have any idea what compliment I'm recalling?

  2. Love, this Ashley! You ARE beautiful inside and out :).

  3. Once again, AMEN, sistah.


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