Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm no Nate Berkus but she loves it anyway

I'll keep it simple. 

This little girl...

has become this little girl and on Thursday she'll be wearing this...

and she'll no longer be 5.  She'll be 6. 

And this will be me (tears with a smile), because although we've celebrated 11 child birthdays so far I still haven't gotten over the fact that they are going to continue. to. happen.

Drew is having a party on Saturday with some of her friends from her kindergarten class but Chris and I wanted to give her one of her gifts early.  We decided to redo her room.  Not completely, but just something new and fresh.  Honestly, I was the one who was tired of looking at her mess of a room.  It was just kind of a mish mash of stuff which has worked fine until now but I thought it was time to get it all pulled together for her.  When she left for school today I redecorated a little and when she got home from school I sent her upstairs to get something out of her room for me.  She, unlike her brother, is a child of few words so although she said little, she loved her room.  She spent a long time in there after the rest of us went downstairs and on the way home from karate tonight she said she couldn't wait to go home and go to bed in her new room.



On the wall


Sister loves it!

$24 lamp I got for $1.97.  I may or may not have done that legally.

The reveal:

Although I threatened to cancel her party and not celebrate her birthday so that she'd remain 5, I think I'll reconsider.  I'll let her turn 6.  I'm beginning to like this big girl phase.  I may even get her a New Kids poster to hang in her room.  Yeah, that'd be awesome. 

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  1. She's so big, Ash! She's such a beautiful little girl- I just can't get over it! You're doing an awesome job !

  2. 1st, I totally thought that 1st picture was of Lauren! 2nd, LOVE the picture of Drew and Lauren with the ducks! Awesome surprise :). Maybe now, she won't sleep on the stairs :).

  3. I love that the first thing she said was "i love it." simple and so honest. i could tell by her face she meant it. i am barely getting over 5, not even thinking about 6...and the almost 2 yr old standing next to me crying.


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