Thursday, February 17, 2011

Plan B may become Plan A

I wrote this post a few months ago about being one of those parents, for evident reasons.  By one of those (italics indicate a snarky tone) I mean a parent whose children will not be going to our neighborhood public school.  As I've stated before, I totally support public schools and being a teacher and the daughter of a teacher I want to make it known that I do support public schools BUT not as they are today.  With class sizes what they are there is no way I could be excited about sending my kids into a classroom where, despite the best intentions of the teacher, they wouldn't learn as they could/should in a classroom with a smaller class size.  That's why we researched our options and chose a new charter school that is being built.  We signed them up in the fall and it went to a lottery and thankfully their names were chosen.  The only obstacle at this point is the actual charter being accepted.  Thus far it's been denied.  It was denied by the school district and by the county.  Now it's going to the state level.  Detailed information about why it was denied can be found here if you're at all interested.  

I'm very excited about this new charter and all it has to offer - academically, socially, creatively.  I hope, for all 530 children who are currently enrolled, as well as for its administration, that it is passed at the state level and early this spring we can all get started to make the school the best it can be when it opens in August.  In the meantime, I think it's wise to start thinking of a Plan B, you know - just in case.  Plan B is going to be a private school with a hefty bill of nearly $6,000 a year per child OR our neighborhood public school.  You know, the one with the huge class sizes.  It's frustrating and scary and disappointing to think that Plan B may become Plan A if the charter isn't passed.  My job is to give my kids the best education - at all cost. 

I wish those on the County Board of Education understood the true need our community has.  All we want is for our kids to have a chance to learn in the best environment possible.  It doesn't seem fair that they are denying us of that.

Crap.  I hate this.

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  1. Oh, man! I feel you on this one. I wish I felt comfortable enrolling my boys in the CA public schools. As a public school educator I feel loyal to the system, just not loyal enough to sacrifice my children's education. Even the "good" districts around here aren't making the grade. I wish they had plans for a new charter school near us. I hope it goes through. Are they writing letters? Signing petitions? Let me know if you need another name or another voice. I'll pray they approve the new school and you won't need Plan B.

  2. Thanks, Melissa. I appreciate your support!

  3. I'm totally with you! I've never been so confused because of the options (a charter school with a possibility of no openings for the lottery this school year, our neighborhood public school with a big class size (and I haven't heard too many great things about it), a private school that is just expensive (especially with multiple kids in school), or do I do a transfer to the more highly recommended public school?). Decisions, decisions. No matter what, what you're doing at home is huge :).


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