Monday, February 14, 2011

Getting deep

William and I have been having conversations since he was about two.  Not chit chats, but conversations.  I wish I had every single one of them recorded because each is fabulous in its own and way and I want to remember every single one of them. 

Tonight we had yet another great one and it made me realize something.  He is starting to ask questions and think about things that I don't immediately have the answers to.  I know that's ok, but it's new to be stumped by my child.  My 4 year old child, no less.  Tonight went like this:

William:  How come you don't ever use my name?  You only call me Honey or Babe?
Me:  I can call you William if you'd like. 
W:  No, I like it when you call me Honey.
M:  I'll call you honey for the rest of your life.  Even when you're grown up like daddy and even if you have a wife who calls you Honey, I'll call you Honey, too.
W:  And I'll still love you and think about you when I'm grown up like daddy.
M:  Well, geez, I hope so!
W:  Mommy, when you die, will still think about me?
M:  *blink*  *blink*
W:  Like when you're dead, does your brain still think?  Does your heart still love people?
M:  I think when you're dead you can still watch over people you love but I don't think your brain thinks like it does when you're alive and yes, your heart will always love the people you loved when you were alive.  I will love you forever and ever, even when I die.  And I'll always be watching over you, too.
W:  Oh, ok, that's nice you still love people, even after you die.

*HUGE SIGH*  It's getting deep in here, yo.  He's only 4.  Time to brush up on my Nietzsche, I'm afraid.

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  1. That was deep. You're so good with coming up with answers that address his questions but don't go too beyond his understanding.

  2. Where does this little boy come from?? Talking about keeping you on your philosophical toes.

  3. Awww. That brought a tear to my eye. Those kids getcha' every time. :-) Their little thinkers every moment of every day. Good job mom!

  4. "Does your heart still love people?" Love it! He's going to have a very lucky wife one day :).

  5. Oh! So William's the reason my wife was harassing me while I was half asleep about whether or not I'll still love her after I'm dead. I thought she was just being hormonal...


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