Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gym faux pas

Tonight I took all 3 kids to the gym with me.  Lauren HATES it there so it's helpful if the big kids come along, too.  When I just take Lauren when the big kids are at school she screams her head off the whole time.  It's loads of fun for everyone involved and I end up paying $3 for a 16 minute workout.  Anyway, with big brother and big sister there tonight there were no tears (woot woot!) but I wouldn't say it means the gym visit tonight was a complete non-disaster.

Drew had to go to the bathroom twice in the 55 minutes I was on the treadmill.  That means twice I had to stop and take her.  That means twice I had to pray that someone wouldn't remove my towel, water, Ipod, and keys, and steal my machine.

I was watching the Top 50 Infamous Arguments on the MLB channel and twice I blurted out, "Ooohh!" as someone on TV got smacked or taken down. 

After that show was over I upped the speed, upped the volume on my Ipod, and just pushed it.  I ended up blurting out in my white-girl rap voice, "Fine as wine, G."  (Pumps and a Bump by MC Hammer is one of the best songs ever, BTW).  I haven't been so embarrassed in a very long time. 

I'm not declaring anything about this sudden spurt of visits to the gym.  I know by the summer I'd like to be much more healthy than I am now but this is very much a no-pressure, no-declaration-of-goals kinda thing right now.  When I go, I commit to 3.5 miles and a lot of sweat, that's all I can hold myself accountable for right now. 

Now I just need to learn to keep my emotions in check and my mouth shut while I'm there.  I'll be the one the other people are texting about - the one who blurts out at the gym.  Don't you hate those people?

Fine as wine, G.

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  1. Good job, Ashley! 3.5 miles is pretty great! And everyone sings and talks to themselves at the're not alone :).

  2. crack me up. at least you didn't fart!


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