Monday, February 21, 2011


L goes to bed between 6:45pm and 7:00pm every night.  Tonight, at 10:30pm, more than 3 and a half hours after she'd been asleep, I went up to scoop her up out of her crib and rock her.  I just felt like it.  She's almost as in love with her crib and her sleep as she is with her own daddy so I knew that doing so would be no biggie.   

I rocked her in the quiet dark for nearly 20 minutes and then put her back to bed.  As I laid her back down, she opened her eyes and smiled at me and asked for WoWo (William).  I told her that WoWo was asleep and that was that. 

I had left my camera on her bureau earlier in the day so I snapped a goodnight picture of her.  She didn't even mind the flash and she was asleep by the time I even got downstairs. 

That girl is pure heaven.


  1. Aw! There is nothing better than doing something just because and this was the sweetest just because : )



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