Monday, November 22, 2010

Napping activities

Today is day 2 of feeling not-so-well.  I mentioned my issues here, remember?  And although I don't think I'm at the base of a flare-up, I've just had two icky days now.  Usually if I dope up and take a nap, I wake feeling better than when I laid down.  This afternoon after I put Lauren down for her nap, made the kids some popcorn and popped in Fern Gully, gave them directions to not fight, don't answer the door, and most importantly, don't wake me up unless one of them was bleeding , I laid down to take a nap myself.  I woke up an hour and a half later to two things.  The smell of burning plastic and a clean house.

Apparently the one bag I had made wasn't enough.  They put this one in without taking the plastic off.  Thankfully one of them had the smarts to shut it off when it started to "smell like when daddy changes the oil". 

The picture doesn't do it justice, there is melted plastic all over that old man's face. 

"We cleaned up for you"  - and they did!  And the astonishing part of this is that things were actually all put where they belonged, not just tossed in a pile somewhere. 

You should try leaving your 4 and 5 year old completely unattended for an hour and a half and see what happens.  Either they'll burn down your house or clean it.  I was lucky with the latter.  This time, anyway.

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  1. Oops! At least they made up for it by cleaning for you. Good kids!

  2. This morning I wanted to shower but Luke didn't want to join me. He wanted to watch Ryan play Wii. We've tried this before and he lasts just long enough for me to get into the shower. I gave instructions for Ryan to pause the game and bring Luke upstairs if he was looking for me or if there were any problems. I was able to shower and get dressed! I WAS AMAZED.

  3. What amazing kiddos to something nice for you when you are feeling under the weather! Good job Drew & William! A penny a piece for that!


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