Saturday, November 6, 2010

He got eaten by a helicopter

I no longer have two daughters and a son.  I have two daughters and a helicopter.  Or two daughters and a racecar.  Or a motorboat.  Or a dinosaur.  Or a steam train. 

Do all little boys do this?  He has replaced his incessant talking with incessant sound effects.  (Some are actually quite impressive but don't tell him that).  I'm unsure where he even learned most of them.  It's cute for the first... few minutes.  Then it's annoying.  I don't want to tell him to stop (yes I do)  because he's imagining and playing and it's not causing anyone any distress (except me) so for the most part I let him be.  As we head out the door Chris likes to say, "Hey, Buddy, be sure to do lots of sound effects.  Mommy loves them." 

I kinda miss my little boy.  I didn't sign up to have a helicopter in my house.


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  2. It's a boy thing. Also a man thing. Has he started making a gun out of everything he can think of despite you never ever exposing him to even the idea of guns? Yeah.

  3. OMG. Ty was the sound effect king! It lasted til he was like 10. Good luck, and don't worry, eventually you don't here it anymore!


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