Saturday, November 13, 2010

First real crime

William stole a candy cane from the grocery store.  He told Chris he had it when they got to the car.  Chris turned him around and he had to go back in and apologize and give it back.  William claims he put it in there and forgot to tell Chris which I honestly believe although it doesn't change the fact that he walked out without telling anyone.  William is a do-gooder by nature and he's not sneaky.  He knows right from wrong and follows the rules.  I wasn't there but when they got home and William walked through the front door and fell into a puddle of tears when he saw me I knew that some real shit had gone down.  He crumbled into my lap as Chris said, "You need to tell mommy what happened, William."  He eventually did, between gasps for air and blowing snot into my shirt.  We had the appropriate discussion and that was that.  Don't you love when they cry and feel awful all by themselves?  He totally did all the work for me.  William told me this morning that there was something about him stealing the candy cane that he didn't tell me.  He then said, "I felt very embarrassed."  I said, "Well, yes, and you should have.  It's embarrassing when you do the wrong thing.  But it's over and it'll never happen again, right?"  He said, "Yes, it was a terrible mistake."  I then said, "Did you know that there are some people who steal other people's cars?"  He was absolutely stunned and mortified and said, "That's way worse than stealing a candy cane.  Do you think their mommies know they do that?"

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  1. He's right, stealing a car is way worse :) Glad you didn't have to explain the "why" I feel like I'm doing that way too much lately, stuff he should already know--and probably does but is testing me!


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