Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Playing hooky

Today we pulled both kids out of school (gasp!) and went to the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.  What a fantastic place that is!  The kids just ate it all up.  Drew and William were interested in every single thing they saw.  Lauren was so agreeable and she was in and out and in and out of her stroller and had a great time looking and touching and watching. 

I have been told by a certain someone that I go on and on and give too many details while telling a simple story so I'll spare you and give you a pictoral summary.  

*I know my header is jacked up.  The picture was taken today and since it's an updated picture of my party of 5, I wanted to put it on the blog.  I am, however, incapable of doing such a thing.  My friend, Amanda, is going to fix it for me on Thursday.  If you are reading this and Chris's head is no longer covered in the word "party", Amanda has already worked her magic.

We had the most beautiful weather

They thought this was so awesome.  William immediately observed that he was a carnivore, not an herbivore, because he doesn't have a long neck.  All that TV is paying off.

Drew was hoping to see a starfish who was missing a ray.  Can't believe we found one.


Got to see an underwater demonstration

Lauren watching a baby seahorse

Love this one

This is awful quality but I couldn't use a flash.  This octopus hasn't come out in weeks but did just as we were standing there.  It was so awesome.  And kinda gross.

Chris and the big kids took a 30 minute class in the planetarium.  Lauren and I practiced our blowfish faces.

Lauren laid on the floor and watched the sting rays for about 10 minutes.

The girls after lunch.  We took a little museum break and played outside for a little bit.

Cute but I felt kind of bad for the seal

I felt really badly for this one

I was standing on top of the Living Roof (so awesome!) and looked across the street and saw this.  C'mon, you thought it said Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne, and Beyonce, too.  You didn't know she was also a post-impressionist??

The Living Roof.  You can read about it here.  It's really amazing.

Last but not least, I cannot believe that we found the Drew and William of the starfish world.  We watched these two try and push each other off this rock for many minutes.  As in the real world, I gave up and walked away.

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  1. i love all ur details...its the point of a blog right?!?! Fabulous trip! We make it to the Monterey Aquarium a few times a year and its always an amazing day!


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