Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pile o' pillows

Chris is at work for days in a row.  The kids have vacation this entire freakin' week.  It's been raining and very wet outside for many, many days.  What's a poor mom to do?

Well, make a pile o' pillows, that's what!

What do you do on rainy days when even Spongebob has worn out his welcome in your house?

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  1. OMGosh. You're going to have the kids that jump off the roof into the pool. I'm sure I've heard stories of Matt and Chris doing that.

  2. Oh Em Gee..... That looks like a blast... I think I need to allow my kiddos to that this weekend...I can just see my 15 year old doing it.... hehehe.... but I know the 14 and 4 year will love it.... Thanks for the idea ♥

  3. What great shots these are!

    And Amanda, I've seen them do it. Crazy guys!


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