Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All I want for Christmas is...

Chris and I are lucky enough that throughout the year if there is something we need we buy it and for the most part if there is something we want, we buy that too.  Neither of us is very materialistic and we absolutely live within our means.  We haven't purchased Christmas gifts for each other really in the last few years.  We usually have a big purchase item that we call a Christmas present at some point throughout the year.  It comes down to this - it'd be spending money just for spending money sake and we're both beyond that.  Anyway, this year is different.  I've got some things I want that I haven't purchased.  I've written a Christmas list for the first time in years.  We'll see if Santa still remembers who I am.

I'd like a new vacuum cleaner.  You may think it's not a romantic gift from a husband to a wife BUT if he promises to use it now and then it could pay off huge.  HUGE.

I'm just a point-and-shoot picture taker.  I have some friends who are amazing with their cameras and that's so not me.  I keep it simple 'cause it's all I know how to do.  I want to upgrade from my little flat point-and-shoot camera that I let the kids take pics with, too, to something just a wee bit better.  This ain't fancy but it's better than what I've got now.

I want a man - any man who is qualified - to be in my livingroom installing can lighting.  If potential were an actual thing and could actually speak, it would be shouting at us for not taking advantage of it in this fabulous house.  It's just screaming to be discovered.  Decent lighting in my livingroom is the first step to doing that.

My friend, Melissa, suggested this and she was so right on.  I'm obsessed with smells and this one is fabulous. 

For numerous years in a row we spent a week in Lake Tahoe, North Shore, in a house that we rent right on the water.  We haven't been for the last two years but now it's time to start our Peters Party of 5 family vacation to Tahoe again.  Summer lake house is on my Christmas list.  

Obviously some of these are somewhat easier to get than others but I am hopeful that Santa will deliver.  And if he doesn't, that's ok.  But I have been a very good girl this year...

What is on YOUR Christmas list this year??

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  1. That Dyson was on sale at Target the day after Thanksgiving. Hope Chris got it for you :) We have the Dyson Animal (purple one) and its amazing. Your house is awesome and like you guys, we bought a house that had everything we wanted..or at least COULD have. We need to make some changes here as well! I'm hoping for a nice tax return this year for a built in wall unit. I hate those tv niches the builders started doing. Ethan wants a flat screen and it all needs to be taken care of at the same time. I also want some kind of buffet or storage in my dining room.

  2. I have the Dyson animal, my mom got it for me one birthday... LOVE. It makes carpet feel brand new and with two black dogs and tan carpet, i needed it. On my list this year are just small things.... a cute cover for my camera strap (ETSY- another LOVE), Viva La Juicy perfume (juicy couture, i am really in LOVE with this scent) and a small hand held carpet cleaner, the bissel little green pro heat. Wow how many times can I say love...? :)

  3. Happy to see your list. I want info on the Lake Tahoe house. Wes would love that. It's one of his favorite places.


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