Monday, November 29, 2010

Ice skating and sucking it up

One of our favorite winter places is Dell Osso Farms, right down freeway from where we live.  This year they've added a skating rink to their winter wonderland.  Today Chris had the whole day off so after Little Girl woke from her nap we headed out to go ice skating.  I haven't been on ice skates in 10 years, Chris in 15 years, and this was the kids' first time. 

William's new experience threshold is extremely low.  This is how new experiences go for him:  apprehension, convincing, attempt, frustration, near-fail, cry, shut-down, cry some more, give up.  I fully expected all stages and we got to the second cry but the give up part never came.  It was amazing and thrilling for both Chris and me to see him suck-it-up.  William and suck-it-up have never belonged in the same sentence before.  This was huge.

Drew was a natural and it amazed me that she did so well so quickly.  She used the buckets for the first 5 minutes but once she got the feel of it she was out there in the middle on her own.  

We all had a couple spills but no one was hurt.  Chris and I took turns, one on the ice and one hanging with Lauren off the ice.  Can't wait to go back!  

Clever use of buckets - an ice skating assistant!

I sucked almost as badly as William but I put on a good show

Ok, here is the attempt after some apprehension and some convincing

Oh, shit.  Here it comes.

Frustration and near-fail and sister to the rescue

More crying but daddy's reassurance helps to soften the blow

Absolutely not hurt but still slow to recover.  This is normally when he'd give up completely.

This is how he was only a couple minutes later.  This is huge!  The 3 year old William would have been in a heap of sulk on the bench but not the 4 year old William.  He's a MAN now!

Lauren and I took a little walk while the others were skating and in this huge big field in which she was playing there was one mud puddle.  Just one.  She found it.

We also saw Santa and got a picture but I'm too lazy to scan it.  What a great day!  And this mama is sore and tired.  It isn't easy pretending to be good at something when really you suck at it.  It can wear a girl out.

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  1. the ice skating looks fun, we don't have that in winston salem, nc


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