Sunday, November 28, 2010

Stuff. Or as William says, "Blahdah, blahdah, blahdah."

I've finally discovered a noise to rival that of a 4 year old brother fighting with his 5 year old sister!  Angry Birds.  Do you know this game?  If you have an iPhone that you let your child play you likely do know this game.  The background music is the worst.  I hear it in my sleep.  It's not like the old school Super Mario Bros. music that was absolutely not annoying at all.

See?  When you're laying awake tonight humming this GD song you can thank me.


Do you ever drive farther than you need to to go to a place you need to go?  Like there may be a Target down the street but you go to one in the next town over just to kill some time with your kids?  Am I crazy?  We have driven 35 minutes to go to Costco and literally passed 2 Costcos on our way there.  When Chris is at work and the kids have no school and the weather is too crappy to be outside most of the day I do my best to stretch the day.  I've also driven to Raley's to go grocery shopping 25 miles away when we have one that we typically walk to.  Is that weird?


What is the correct age (in your opinion) to get rid of pacifiers?  *we call them chewies*  Lauren is days from being 21 months old and she still has hers.  We've started to be more consistent with them just remaining in her crib but what are your thoughts on this?  I have to admit that she's looking a little silly with one in her mouth, she's such a big girl.  I never wanted Drew to even see one as a baby and she never had a need for one.  William needed one and I was fine with it.  Same with Lauren.  I kind of just want to let her be with it but as I said, she's looking a little silly.  I'm thinking it's time to be strict with the crib-only thing and then transition from there in taking them away completely.  Good times ahead.


I haven't had a Christmas list in years.  Sometimes there are little things I'd like but no big things.  This year my last is FAT.  And really nothing is frivolous, either.  It's stuff I need.  I sure know how to make up for lost time.  Chris appreciates it.


I've applied to a charter school for William and Drew for next year.  We should find out this week whether or not they've gotten in for sure or if there were so many applicants it has gone to a lottery.  If it has a gone to a lottery, the drawing is on December 2.  I'm nervous as hell because I'm loving everything this school has to offer and the thought of this school existing and my kids not being able to take advantage and benefit from it just kills me.  Good thoughts for the charter acceptance, please!


Do you love Christmas music?  I LOVE Christmas music.  I have it playing on Pandora in the kitchen, on DirectTV in the livingroom, and on XM radio in the car.  I won't get sick of it in the next month but I'm afraid Chris may kill me because of it between now and then.  If I go missing, someone please print this part of the blog and take it to the police.
This is my favorite song, sung by the most amazing group of kids:


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  1. Tommy loves that game angry birds, he laughed when I read what you wrote about it. Good luck on the charter school lottery for the kids, I'll be for sure thinking good thoughts for you guys. As far as pacifiers go, we call them binkies here, Abby never took one, but she's a thumbsucker, but our Drew was. He stopped using them around his second b- day, because the binkie fairy came in the middle of the night and took them from the basket he put them in and left him a special big boy toy. The binkie fairy took his binks to babies who needed them. The next couple of nights were hard, but then he was fine. Good luck!!

  2. I'm voting every day, hate Christmas music, am crossing my fingers the kids get into that school, want to see your Christmas list, and drive past my destination & back so they'll stay asleep while I listen to MY music.

  3. I have definitely driven farther than required, probably less now that i have 2 kids but driving is a great time killer, especially if your kids are good in the car. This makes everyone hate me, but I don't like Christmas music or Christmas movies. There I said it.
    My christmas list is always "clothes." Very generic but I always feel like my wardrobe needs an update weather its style/size. I usually end up with a lot of gift cards. I told Ethan I would shop for romantic but i couldn't pass up a deal i got on some cute boots and i couldn't wait to wear them!

  4. My kids and hubby love angry birds.

    Good luck at the charter school.

    I hate Christmas music (bah humbug).

    Post your list, with links :)


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