Monday, November 1, 2010

How'd you break the news?

I have numerous friends who are pregnant.  Each time I've been pregnant I've been one of many of my friends who were also pregnant at the same time.  When I heard the news (all within a couple weeks) that all these friends of mine were expecting I was a little sad.  Like, "No thanks, I can't play this time. I'll just sit this one out."  I'm over that now but I have been thinking quite a few baby thoughts lately.  Another one will never happen for us so it's not wishful thinking, it's just that I've NEVER had a baby Lauren's age without another baby in the works.  I think it's just a natural thing for me to be going there.  

I love hearing stories about how people told their husband or friends that they were expecting.  How did you tell yours?

With Drew I was too excited and told Chris I was taking a test.  The line was faint and I came busting out of the bathroom like it was on fire.  He said, "God, are you sure?"

With William, Chris was gone on a swiftwater rescue assignment and he didn't return until 4 days after I'd found out.  I didn't want to tell him on the phone so when he got home that night I told him I had something important I wanted to tell him.  He said, "You're not pregnant are you?"  That was super romantic.  Drew was only 10 months old so I understood it but it still made him an ass.

With Lauren I got pregnant so quickly that we were both stunned.  He was upstairs giving both kids a bath (Drew was 3 and William was 1 and a half) and I said, "Guess what?"  Chris said, "You better not tell me your pregnant already."  I said, "No, actually I was going to say we need a bigger washing machine and dryer.  Oh, yeah.  'Cause I'M PREGNANT, Mr. Romance." 

Please don't think he's an ass.  Only I'm allowed to think that. 

I almost want to have a 4th just so I can get the reaction I have always dreamed of but I can tell you without a doubt that if I announced a 4th pregnancy I absolutely would not get the reaction I have always dreamed of. 

Anyway, how did you tell your loved ones? 

Need some creative ideas?  I saw this blog and thought it had some great ones.  Click here for cute announcement ideas.

ps.  You don't have to feel sorry for me by having Chris ruin every pregnancy announcement.  He has since made up for it by being the best daddy on the entire planet.

Baby Drew - 6 years ago today...


  1. I love this line, "Please don't think he's an ass. Only I'm allowed to think that." Ha! I've known him a long time, so can I say WHAT AN ASS without really thinking he's an ass? ;)

    With Garrett I had a super cute idea, but was too excited. I ran out with the stick & a Father's Day card I had bought in June just in case & said, "Today's your Father's Day! We're having a baby!"

    With Carson I peed on a stick, when in & woke Garrett up from a 10 min nap just to throw him in a shirt that said I <3 My Pregnant Mom & parade him out to Wes. That was cute, but G was sure cranky after that.

    I still have the shirt. I'm hoping we may need it again, but I'm not holding my breath.

    love the blog & you guys!!!

  2. murph was with me when i took the test for ryan. i broke the news to the rest of the family on thanksgiving after i asked for a glass of milk instead of beer. i said i have something to tell you and my mom said are you pregnant. the milk gave it away. with lakota i never took a test. just made an appointment with prenatal. told the rest of the family at breakfast one morning. they were shocked b/c i swore i would never have another after ryan.

  3. With Ryan I had taken a test that was negative. Then 3 days later it was positive. I couldn't wait for Ethan to get home so I called him when he was driving home. I said "guess what" and he said "what did shelby (the dog) ruin now?" He made me take a total of 3 tests for extra proof, made me go to the doctor that week to take another test and made me call an OB cuz he was so nervous!

    With Luke, he had Ryan in the bath and I said that we needed to talk to the realtor and hurry up and pick a house and then I gave him the positive test. It killed me knowing all day and not saying anything!

  4. Matt is the unfortunate recipient of a pee stick for his birthday and a pee stick for Father's Day. Do I have timing or what? I say unfortunate because he's a boy and they'd so rather get an XBox than a stick that's been peed upon.

    He was completely shocked for Zack, HELLO what do you think sex without a condom will get you? And a little disappointed with Skyler, he was hoping it would take months of lots of sex sex sex and he got like one weekend.


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