Monday, July 11, 2011

Points ~ Zing!

I've started a points system for tasks that the kids complete.  I don't write them points down, we don't keep a cummulative score, there is no tally. It goes like this:  "Awesome!  Drew gets 15 points for putting her dirty clothes in the laundry room and putting her shoes in her cubby the first time I asked!  Oh, William, I see your shoes are in the livingroom still.  That means you only earned 13 points."  Then he goes and runs and puts them in his shoe cubby and says, "Did I get the two points back?"  And I smile and say, "YES.  Yes you did."  What's so fantastic about this is the points mean nothing.  Nothing.  NOTHING.  They just like to hear that they earned some and that someone gets more than the other for doing it quickly, first time asked, or with a good attitude.  Everytime it works - and it works everytime - I feel this sly evilish grin on my face.  Mommy 1, Kids 0.  ZING! 


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