Saturday, July 16, 2011

Either it's going to be a ton of fun or WTFO

It's that time of year again - it's time for the Oakland fire kiddie camp trip.  The dads take the kids to the lake for a few nights.  Moms aren't allowed.  Drew has gone the last 2 years, this will be her 3rd.  This will be William's first time and that, my friends, should be interesting.  He's awesome and fun and smart and curious and emotional and moody and demanding.  Sounds fun, right?  As long as he's fed and well rested he'll be a joy and have the time of his life.  If he gets hungry and food isn't readily available or if he's tired - those dads won't know what hit them.  WTFO.  (watch the f*ck out).  It's not a nice term but it's so appropriate for the times when he's hungry and tired.  We just say, "Uh, oh.  WTFO."

We were told that the snow was cleared from the roads to the campground just 2 weeks ago.  With the exception of a few days, we've had such an amazingly cool summer.  I wouldn't be surprised if in some of the shady spots they still find some patches of snow.  It's also going to make for some awfully cold swimming in the lake.  I predict William will not even put his big toe in if it's not room temperature.  I wouldn't either, but it's too bad because that's part of the fun.  Kiddie camp is about the lake! and the bike rides! and the fire pit! and the swearing they hear! and the bottomless bowl of candy! 

Lauren and I are going to enjoy being Peters Party of 2 for a few days.  We'll nap and shop and swim and nap.  It'll be quiet here and I won't have to cook and I'll have 3/5 less laundry to do.  I'll miss them but... this kinda sounds like heaven. 

2 years ago Drew came home from camp saying, "I heard another daddy say 'fuck' while he was at the fire pit."  Last year she came home and said, "I had 18 pieces of licorice instead of my dinner on the first night."  I can't wait to hear what she has to say this year and especially what William has to say about it all, too. 

Praying for a safe, fun trip for the big kids and Chris.  Praying that the water is warm enough to swim in and that no one gets sick on candy.  And most of all, praying that no one will have to WTFO for William.

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