Thursday, July 7, 2011

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I'd like to believe in our justice system but it's hard to have too much faith when there are cases like the Casey Anthony case and the OJ Simpson case.  The jurors must hear evidence that we as the public are never privy to, right?  I mean, there is no way they are found not guilty when the evidence clearly proves otherwise, right? 

I've never served on a jury but someday I hope to.  I may have more of an appreciation for how it all goes down but for now I just don't get it.  Both Casey Anthony and OJ Simpson seemed so clearly guilty. 


The Oakland fire department just received their new contract.  It's kinda shitty the percentage of paycut these guys and girls are going to be taking.  They put themselves in such great danger, I just don't think that fire, police, military, or teachers should ever get pay cuts.  It's offensive, in fact.  It's kinda shitty for their families, too.  I realized today that it's kinda shitty for Starbucks as well because OFD's paycut means less business for them from me which means they, too, will be receiving the equivalent percentage less than they were.  See?  Shitty all. the. way. around.


We had such an awesome 4th of July party, our annual block party with a band and great friends.  I'll blog more of that when I get a chance but for now I'd like to say THANK YOU to all who came, all who brought such fabulous food to share, and for loving our kids and our family as if we were part of your own.  LOVE our friends.


  1. I would also like to add probation to that one. (paycute, cuts all around) Not sure people know how dangerous there job really is and to have so many on one persons case load is crazy. Sorry just venting a lil. Love reading your blog!!

  2. I have never been on a jury but I did work for a law firm for 4 yrs. We did all civil cases, so I have no experience with murder trials BUT there is lots of stuff the jury doesn't hear or is told to disregard in their "jury instructions." The jury instructions are usually pages long and painful to read. I did hear someone say there was more evidence in the OJ case than this one. I didn't follow but as I said before, waiting 30 days to report your kid missing was all I needed to hear. Even if she didn't do it she deserved to be in jail forever just for that. How is that even possible?

    My bro is an SJ deputy sheriff and i hate that most of the time he works nights alone. i think everyone should have a partner and i don't care how much it costs.

    Thanks to Chris, Joni's husband Nate and my bro for what they do.

  3. we're feeling the paycuts over here too sista and it sucks ass!!!! i feel you! i never got stuck on starbucks but this may mean no more shopping at marshalls for me.


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