Wednesday, July 13, 2011

~ What the Hell Wednesday ~

I'm sure by now you've seen this:

That there is not an 8 month old chilling in some fake sunglasses.  That is a 16 pound newborn in the NICU in Texas where he was born.  SIXTEEN POUNDS.

William was 10 pounds and although I had drugs, the epidural only numbed the right side of my body so my left side can speak to birthing a 10 pound human being.  Lauren was only 9 pounds but I had NO drugs with her and I thought I was dying a violent death while birthing her.  And you can tell me all day long that millions of women have given birth with no drugs and I will still continue to act and tell the story as if I'm the only one.  The poor mother of this newborn, however, wins the trophy.  The trophy for what, I'm not sure.  But she wins.  Holy shit, that is NO JOKE.  Look at the picture again.  Ouch. 


  1. I'd accuse you of lying... but that picture if proof! OUCH!


  2. Holy crap! Its like 9lb Luke means nothing anymore. I used to get some props for that (didn't get drugs until right before I pushed) but now, thats barely HALF of that baby. Ryan was 8lbs and I can say there is a HUGE difference between 8 and 9 I cannot even think of the difference between 9 and 16. holy cow.

  3. I hear ya! I am in the big babies club with a 10-pound baby, a 9 pound, and then a tiny, 7 1/2 pound. Although I do believe this 16-pounder was born via c-section. But still, eek!


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