Friday, July 15, 2011

WHA?! McDonald's play structures are germy?

I'm going to start by saying I am not a total germaphobe but I do have emetophobia so I am always conscious of what the kids have touched, where they've been, and I squirt their hands often.  Probably too often.  Play structures, especially those that are indoors gross me out.  Actually, they freak me out.  I hate going places like that and more often than not an illness follows one of these outings.  And those of you with more than one child knows what that means.  One kid gets sick.  Then the next, then the next.  One day playing at McDonald's can easily lay us low for 2 weeks. 

In early June we went to Chuck E. Cheese with great friends of ours to celebrate a birthday.  Within 2 days after the party 11 of the 14 people at the party had the stomach flu.  William, Lauren, Chris, and Drew included.  How I was spared I'll never know but I think it may have something to do with the fact that I consciously touched NOTHING in that filthy joint and if I did I squirted myself down immediately. 

So, now there is this.  This seals the deal on us ever going to these kinds of places again.  I'm not opposed to parks or anything like that but these indoor, enclosed places are no more for us.  Call me crazy but it's just not worth it.  I've experienced too many times my kids being sick directly after (within 48 hours) being at these places.  Lesson learned.  I'd be stupid to NOT have learned from those experiences. 

I encourage you to take the 7 minutes and watch this video.  Pass it around.  It's eye-opening and proves what we as moms have known all along... those places are freaking nasty.


  1. I'm nauseous from watching this. I AM a germaphobe. It will probably take me a while to get over this video. We haven't been to Chuck E. Cheese for almost 2 years now. Every time we've gone the kids have gotten sick. We gave up McDonald's play structures a long time ago. Yuck, yucky, yuck!!

  2. Whoever said kids don't share was NOT talking about germs. I'm not in any way a germophobe, but after teaching for years, I touch very little in a kiddish place and wash my hands and my children's hands A LOT!

  3. I havnt stepped into a Mc D's to play since I nannied years ago as one afternoon i was there with the kids and we watched a child PEE up in the structure. His parent and the staff did nothing about it. I was in Pleasanton CA. It appaled me and the kids so much we never went back.

  4. kimberly crippen-willardJuly 15, 2011 at 3:40 PM

    ohh barf...


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