Monday, July 4, 2011

Stat check

I have a stat counter on my blog but I never look at my stats.  Like how many visitors, from where, how long a certain IP address was logged in, etc.  And it doesn't say who you are, just where you are.  I looked this morning for the first time in nearly a year I bet.  It's so interesting to see that links to my blog come up with certain things are googled.  Like if you go to google and type in, "How to raise kids who aren't bratty" my blog is the first thing to come up.  If you google, "Boyish girls" my blog is on the first page of links.  I discovered that daily I get hits from these poor people who are trying to obviously find something worthwhile but end up on my blog instead.  I also discovered that I have regular readers in Jordan, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Thailand.  I've said before that I still can't believe anyone but my mom reads this so I am grateful and hope that you all continue to check in.  Also, let me know you're here!  There is a comment section for a reason.  I don't need you to stroke my ego, just let me know you're here and where you're from.  It'd make my day. 

Do you see yourself on here?  That red dot is you!

Much love on this 4th of July.

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