Wednesday, June 22, 2011

~ What the Hell Wednesday ~


Summer in the Central Valley is the same every year yet every year it seems to take me by surprise.  Yesterday was 103* and today is supposed to be 101* which means by 7:00am it's already hot as hell.  This means that I'm grumpy unless I'm sitting still in the 73* house or unless I'm in the pool.  It means I'm screaming, "SHUT THE DOOR!" to one of the three kids at least 80 times a day.  It means the car is 160* when the kids climb in before I get in and blast the air and they all complain more than I do.  It means the ice in my Venti iced skinny caramel machiatto melts before I get to my destination.  But it also means we're closer to Fall than we've been since this time last year and that, my friends, is what I'm clinging to. 


  1. :) Glad I'm not the only one that looks forward to fall so much. Thanks for making me laugh this morning ;) Happy Hump Day.

  2. I usually love the summer weather; although, it doesn't get quite as hot here. This year, however, I'm praying it stays 80-85 all summer long. Anything over 95 is too damn hot!


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