Sunday, June 26, 2011

Break = More love

This is not just a pedicure.  This is an hour and a half of alone time today.  Thanks to our fab sitter Natalia, I was able with very short notice to get away late this afternoon for a pedicure.  I mean an hour and a half of alone time.

It's just what I needed because when I came home I was all, "Let's go have a picnic at the park for dinner!  Let's go play!  Let's have fun before bedtime!" and if I hadn't had a break today I would have been all, "Go outside and play, you're too loud!  Leave her alone, I don't want to hear it!  Jesus, how much longer 'til bedtime?"   

Dinner at the park!  What's even more awesome than just playing with them after a little break is that this dinner they thought was all about them when really it meant I didn't have to make anything or clean anything up .  And we really had fun.  Like, really had fun.  I joke a lot about getting away from them but I love them more than I can stand sometimes.  *burst!*

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  1. This looks like so much fun! I can't wait to meet them :)


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