Saturday, June 25, 2011

This 'n that

It's mornings like these that I think of the Duggar family and their crazy ass grocery list.  I just went to Costco.  Just.  And this morning I used the last of the milk and the last of the bread.  Normally I don't run out of things but this seemed to happen so quickly.  We're now going through a gallon of milk every other day and a loaf of bread just as fast.  I can imagine when they are 12, 14, and 16 what the pantry will look like.  I worry more about the energy it's going to take to keep this place stocked than I do the money.  Buy stock in Costco, people.  The Party of 5 alone could keep it afloat.


I bought this and made it last night:

I made it like a stir fry with chicken, zucchini, broccoli, red bell pepper, and snap peas and mixed it with penne pasta.  It was good!  Even the kids ate it.  The noodles, sauce, and chicken were al the same color and with the veggies I chose it looked like a Christmas dish.  I'd add more next time just for color but the flavor was very good.  Have you tried this product?


William and I were playing a guessing game while he was in the tub.  He would think of a number, give me a clue, and I would have to guess the number he was thinking of.  After 4 times in a row of missing it, he said to me, "Ummm, I don't think I want to play this game with you anymore.  See?  You need brain skills to play this game." 


I haven't been to the gym since my surgery 5 weeks ago.  I need to get on it.  I had such a good thing going and if I'm not sweating for at least an hour a day, I gain weight.  It ain't pretty and it's only gonna get worse.  Gotta get back to making it a priority.


What are your plans for the 4th of July? 

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