Monday, June 6, 2011

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For the first 31 years of my life my hair was blonde, straight, kind of silky, and easy.  With each child it became more brown, less straight, not silky, and a pain in the ass to deal with.  By the time I was a year post-Lauren my hair was naturally very 80's hair band-ish.  It was hideous and I hated it.  I had to work hard to get it straight and soft and pay a fortune to keep it looking naturally blonde.  Honestly, it's kind of exhausting.  And if you ask Chris, it's ridiculous and expensive and a waste of time because in his opinion it looks the same no matter what I do to it.  He has a shaved head and can use Irish Spring as shampoo so I've told him to shut it, he's hardly an authority on the subject.  SO, last week I got a Brazilian Blowout.  I'm sure you've heard of this, no?  I took a great leap of faith and just did it.  I'm only 4 days in but I'm glad I've done it.  I would say in those 4 days I've saved myself at least a total of 45 minutes of hair time.  That's significant, right?  I think so.  That's almost a full episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey.



Oh, and Chris hasn't noticed yet. 


Lauren is 2 years, 3 months and she's 100% potty trained while at home.  She's done it all herself and will be playing and will then shout out, "Pee!  Pee!  Dut Dut!  Dut Dut!" and then she'll go trotting to the bathroom with her blonde hair bouncing all along the way.  She pees, she claps, then she gets a Dum Dum.  It's all been so simple and has happened so fast. 

All hail the Dut Dut!


If sticking to your guns as a parent was an Olympic event, I'm pretty sure I'd earn a gold medal. Tonight I was put to the test, though. William HATED what was for dinner, even though last week he loved it. We had gotten home from an hour and a half at karate where he'd worked hard and on the way home he mentioned he was looking forward to going home to eat dinner. Then he discovered what it was and he was absolutely not going to eat. Normally my reaction would be, "Well, you're going to be awfully hungry." and since the rule is you eat what's served or you go hungry I normally wouldn't waiver but for some reason tonight I felt badly. He'd worked hard, I knew he was hungry, and he wasn't just being a pain in the ass, he seemed to be really upset that he didn't like what was served.  I went ahead and made him something else.  I'm not sure why tonight it affected me but it did.  Oh, well.  I still think I'm a gold medalist.  I'll get back on the horse tomorrow.


My sister-in-law gave the kids personalized placemats for Christmas that are so cute.  She ordered them from the website Frecklebox.  It's now my go-to for gifts for all the kids in our life.  The stuff is so cute and so well made and you know kids love anything with their name on it.  They have everything from lunch boxes to puzzles to coloring books, all which can be personalized with your child's name.  Check them out!


Drew and I leave for Boston in 6 days!  I've been my whole life and have waited since the day she was born to bring her with me.  Next summer William will be joining us.  These are such great ages and I'm so excited to finally be able to share these things with my kids.  Can't wait 'til all 3 kids are old enough and we can leave Chris to have some alone time for a few weeks every summer. 

Where we'll be laying our pretty little heads at this time next week.

I'll blog a few more times before our trip.  Have a good week, friends! 


  1. I'm so excited for your trip!! And I think your hair looks fabulous. :)

  2. Your hair looks BEAUTIFUL! I've never heard of it before, I need to check it out now ;) Thanks!

  3. Pretty much I subscribe to Chris' theories on hair, but it does look nice and if it makes you feel better, fuck it.

  4. 1) Love the hair! May I ask the $ cost to this (coz I'm totally interested)? And how long does it lasts? (I guess I can Google it if I wasn't so lazy :)). I had a friend do something like that, but I didn't know it had a name to it. 2) Go Lauren! How nice to be almost out of diapers! I'm 2 down (except for night time for Jaden...I'm still not confident with that one). 3) You are totally a gold medalist. I'm not at all. They always have leftovers to go to if they don't like what's on the table. 5) What a fun tradition. I bet Drew is super excited. Great time for mother-daughter time, too :).

  5. omg your hair looks amazing. but you had to have somehow made that before pic look worse than it really was?! great job, lauren! lucky'll be diaper-free house in no time!!!


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