Sunday, June 5, 2011

A surprise party to celebrate 27 years

My mom retired this last week from teaching after 27 years at the same school, in the same grade, in the same room.  June 2 was her last day in the classroom.  She has some wonderful friends who planned and pulled of a great surprise party for her last night.  Due to the weather it was moved the morning of the party from a friend's home and their lovely yard to the cafeteria at her school.  Within hours they managed to transform that space and the party was so festive and perfect.

There is no way to describe the impact mom has had on so many lives.  All that mattered with last night's party is that she walked away understanding that she alone has touched and impacted and changed many lives.  I think that was accomplished.  You always hope that your lasting legacy is your children and in mom's case, my brother and I are just two of many legacies she will be leaving behind someday.

Also!  My BFF from 2nd grade on flew in from St. Louis for mom's party.  That was such a bonus surprise for mom.  (Remember Susan?  I wrote about her here.)  It was also the first time Susan had met William and Lauren.  Drew instantly fell in love with her and for the 3 days Susan was here she had an extra limb - otherwise known as Drew.  We dropped Susan off at the airport today and Drew sobbed as we drove away.  I was borderline already so I broke down, too.  William wondered what had happened 'cause he didn't get it.  When Drew blurted out, "I'm going to miss her so much" and then William started to get teary.  Ugh, what a mess.  But so worth it, so good to have her here.

Here's a bit of the weekend wrapped into one little nifty slideshow:
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  1. Very nice indeed! And I love the cake!

    PS: As I recall William was crying when Cherry and I left your was because Drew had stoled his bike, but still it was very moving.

  2. So amazing! Congratulations to your mom. What a wonderful party to celebrate her years touching lives. P.S. I cried watching the video. Thanks. :)


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