Thursday, June 9, 2011

Snarky much?

So.  I woke up a little snarky this morning and haven't been able to shake it.  No biggie, really, as long as you don't cross me today.  I kind of like to put it out there to those around me so that I am then no longer responsible for my attitude and even my behavior because all I have to say is, "Ummm, I told you I was snarky today, didn't I?" 

This wouldn't bother bother me on a normal day but today I took personal offense to what I saw.  I couldn't get a picture in time otherwise I would have, but it's of a lady in my neighborhood who walks her two toddlers in a double stroller.  In a sundress.  And high heels.  Everyday.  Seriously?  C'mon.  It's a ridiculous sight to see anyway but today it just rubbed me the wrong way.  Like, really lady?  We see you have two toddlers and yet you're THROWING it in my face that you have the time, the figure, and the wherewithall to get all gussied up for a stroll?  I take offense and I'm calling bullshit.  I think you go home, put on your cozies, and scream at your kids.  Hope you're morning mock walk makes you feel better.  I'll just continue to wear my jeans and sneakers and judge you. 

...and tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day...


  1. Ha! I love this!! You should have seen me walk the boys to the bagel shop this morning. We met a mom & her daughter who were all put together, while I threw sweatshirts on my boys so they could go out in their pjs.

  2. Love this, Ashley! I write as my hair is not yet combed and I'm still wearing pjs with a little bit of spit up stain from Julian this morning. The kids are already bathe and Julian even had 2. Crazy day and the way I look shows for it :). And instead of showering right now, I'm catching up on FB. Ha! I don't even look like that lady when I do try! Maybe except for weddings nowadays :).

  3. heels? are you kidding? i would like to apologize to my neighborhood right now. they have seen me in some scary get ups. usually the tshirt i slept in and some yoga pants because my kids decide they HAVE to go outside and the backyard is not good enough. and now we are doing a neighborhood watch so i actually have to wave and be friendly instead of running in the garage when someone walks or drives by.


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