Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm sorry

I'm sorry for the following things:

  • that my kids play in the backyard at 8:00am on summer days because I'm already tired of listening to them argue so I shoo them outside.  I know my neighbors must hate me but if they were in my house on a normal morning they would totally get why I do it.
  • that I don't do a better job of trying to stretch our dollars.  This is something I need to work on.
  • I started picking up before the cleaning lady comes because now I feel like I have to continue doing that and I hate it, kind of defeats the purpose of her coming in the first place.
  • that I complain about that at all because I'd give up Chris before I'd give up the cleaning lady
  • one of my best friends and I had a divorce of sorts a few years ago because she's missed out on my kids' lives and I know they would have loved her.
  • I go to Starbucks daily.  It hurts the waistline (it's under there somewhere) and the wallet but I can't stop.  ADDICT.
  • I don't do a better job of teaching the kids how to deal with each other when they argue but I'm usually kinda tired so I just let them figure it out.  Need an example?  Click here.
  • that I don't go to the gym everyday.
  • for all the people who will be at the water parks during the summer because I WILL be that mom in a bathing suit playing with my kids even though I'm well aware that no one wants to see that
  • for Chris because I am such a horrible cook and he deserves better than my ghetto meals
  • that I blog everyday and your facebook page is always telling you to check in and read it!  What?  You don't get my fb alerts?  Click here.  All the cool kids are doing it.
  • the kids are growing up so fast
  • I use the tv to entertain the kids as often as I do
What is something you are sorry for?  Wanna share? 

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  1. My list is too long...but i echo you on TV and gym. my kids are also outside screaming in the backyard very early...oh well. if i have to deal with the neighbor's smoke they can deal with our noise. ha ha. oh...and i'm a crappy cook as well. he knew it and he married me anyway. i wish i had willpower over my cravings. i wish i craved healthy food instead of french fries and burritos:)


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