Monday, May 2, 2011

Mother's Day wish

Mother's Day is this Sunday and I'm not going to lie.  I just want to spend some time by myself.  I am not feeling the "I want to be alone but I know I should be with my kids so I'm going to spend the day with them allthewhile wishing I was alone" thing.  No guilt for this mama.

I love and adore my kids.  I cherish and value our family time.  But I am with them all the fricking time.  Do you want to do something special for me?  Yes?  Then draw me a picture, tell me you love me, then tell me to not come back home until after baths are given and it's time to tuck you in and give you a kiss goodnight.  That's the best gift I could get. 

If you can't conceive of spending Mother's Day without your children then good for you, but please don't judge me for wanting that to be my one day off. 

What are you hoping to receive?


  1. Ashley, I can totally relate. I would love to spend the day without my kids too. I would love to have the day to craft. No cleaning after the kids, taking them to the bathroom, feeding them or hearing the crying. These days that seems to be all I hear. That is my wish. I hope you have a happy Mothers day and get your wish.

  2. oh honey i say that every year. for mothers day i want the day off. i mean seriously. give me the damn day off. i dont feel guilty about it all and i dont care if that makes me horrible, but when you spend as much time with kids as we do you need a frickin break. amen sista!

  3. I know you've heard this before from me. Now that my kids are out living their own lives I would love nothing more than to spend the day with both kids around me. Time flies by so quickly that before you know it they are graduating from college and they no longer really need you. Don't get me wrong I love, love my freedom for Don and I to do whatever, whenever we want. But mothers day would be great to have them both here at the same time.
    xoxox Hope you get your wish, Enjoy

  4. oh girl..i feel ya. I was going to blog the same thing cause these boys have been draining me the past few days. today is the first day after 7 1/2 days of Ryan working straight. Not that he doesn't come home or anything but sometimes i feel like he might as well not...he gets up to eat, work out, shower, then off to work so it's single momyhood for me for 7 1/2 days. he has the next few days off, but then gone again thurs and frid and he's not coming home because he'll be staying at his parent's house. so i wish the same exact thing...don't feel guilty..ALL of us sahm mom's deserve the day off sometime (especially when OUR husbands have crazy schedules like ours do!!) Happy to you no matter what you do! ok long enough comment or what? i better vent this in the blog soon before i explode.

  5. I'm wishing for the same darn thing! You bet! Oh, but I'll send them away and stay in the comfort of my living room, in front of the TV watching a Real Housewives of New York marathon with a pint of ice cream in my hand. Ahhhh...HAPPY FREAKING MOTHER'S DAY! ;-)

  6. I had the day off last year and it was awesome! :)


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