Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dum Dum, rainbow, and idiots

See this girl here?  See how she's eating a Dut Dut (Dum Dum)? 

That's because she went pee in the potty!!  2 years, 2 months and today was the first time.  We've been having her be nakie off and on for a few months getting her used to how it feels to have to go, go without a diaper, and not like what happens.  I've started asking her more often lately if she has to go.  I sit her on the potty when she says she has to go but she's never really had to go.  She loves Dum Dums so I've been saying, "If you go pee in the potty you can have a Dum Dum!" and I've stopped giving them for any reason.  She asks for one and I say, "When you go pee on the potty, ok?"  Sooo... today she told me she had to go, we ran into the bathroom, I put her up on the potty and she started to go and clap her hands and screaming, "Dut Dut!  Dut Dut!"  (It reminded me of Her-ca-leez, Her-ca-leez!)  It was very exciting.  We'll see how this progresses.


Tonight while cleaning up out front - you know, bikes, jackets, cones in the street, etc. - I noticed a rainbow.  The kids came out to see it and William asked if we could go chase it to find the gold.  Considering it was a solid hour before Lauren's bedtime and we had NOTHING to do we loaded up into the car to kill time chase the rainbow.

This is what it looked like near our house.  We drove that direction for about 15 minutes.  It faded or disappeared before we reached it which was so very disappointing but it wasn't for lack of effort.  The kids already had their gold spent so they were super bummed.  It was fun, though.  I've never chased a rainbow before.

The sky was amazing on our drive and gave the kids lots to look at and talk about.


Planking.  Have you heard of this?  Holy hell.  Here's the definition:  Planking:  lying face down with arms to the sides in unusual public spaces.  Huh?  I know.  The pictures almost explain it better.  It's apparently a craze that is sweeping Australia and beginning to spread elsewhere. 

Idiots climb up on structures, plank, and their picture is taken.

See?  For reals.  There are thousands of pictures of people planking.  There is even a planking facebook page that more than 100,000 people "like". 

 Call me crazy but... I don't get it.  Do you?  Have you heard of it?  So now we need to tell our teenagers, "Don't drink, don't do drugs, don't have unprotected sex, and don't plank."  OMG.


  1. hahahah planking? that's hilarious! i didn't know that's what it's called. i've seen it on facebook. my cousins are into it for some reason. i don't get it either.

    yay for the dut dut! I actually introduced the potty to ethan a few weeks ago. he doesn't quite get the concept of the feeling of having to go pee, so he doesn't tell me yet, but if i remind him every often enough he goes (yay!) and then he gets a single deh-been (jelly bean), and he LOVES it! we'll see how long this lasts!

  2. Yay for Lauren!

    Sky potty trained herself at age 2. It was fantastic since I still had PTSD from potty training Zack.

    Girls are awesome :D


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