Saturday, May 21, 2011

Let me tell you about...

Superwoman I am not.  I have never aspired to be or claimed to be.  Having unexpected surgery kind of throws one into a position of letting others do everything or trying to do some while others help.  Chris, Mom and Chris's parents did everything in regards to laundry, meals, and the kids but there were places to go and things to do so I didn't sit home and rest as I probably should have.  I didn't have much responsibility which was a tremendous load off but I was still up and about.  That was a mistake.

Within 2 hours of being discharged from the hospital (15 hours after surgery) I was sitting at William's preschool graduation.  The next day was Drew's graduation with a trip to the ice cream shoppe after.  The day after that was a family lunch and a trip to Build-a-Bear in the mall.  I'm realizing now that I kind of saw this surgery on the same level as a root canal.  Hurts, pain in the ass, not something you plan for, keep Vicodin on-hand and you're fine to resume your life.  Ummm, not quite the case.  

Today, day 3, I am paying the price and quite heavily.  My body has clearly put out the memo:  "If you aren't going to take care of me, I'll lay you low so you don't have a choice."  Annnnnd, so here I lay.  I've been in bed almost all day.  Drew has brought me Ritz crackers and water and my mother-in-law brought me an iced skinny carmel machiatto.  I'm setting my alarm and keeping up with the pain killers and am napping off and on.  For the second time ever I've called Chris home from work now that all our parents are gone.  I thought I could do a few hours on my own but I just can't.  

So, lesson learned.  Gall bladder surgery isn't a major surgery but it's not a root canal either.  And as my friend Jay lovingly told me today, "Damnit Peters, it's just going to take longer to heal the more you dick around!" 

If you need me today or tomorrow (or the next day?) I'll be flat on my back with no mascara, no appetite, and no sense of humor.  Sounds fun, no? 


  1. I was waiting for you to crash, lovingly of course. I just didn't know how you were doing it all. I'm SO glad you're taking it easy now.

    Much love.

  2. Oh, no! Hopefully now that you are forced to rest you'll feel much better tomorrow.

  3. When injuries and surgeries take place in the core of your body it really takes it out of you. Few years back I kept injuring my ribs playing basketball. (Cracked one so that you could feel the break under the skin. It was gross. Just thought I'd share.) It would hurt so much I couldn't even lift my arms. It's not until something like this happens to you that you realize how much you twist, bend, stretch, etc and what a vital roll the middle of your body takes part in those movements.

  4. People wanted to help, now's the time to let them.


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