Monday, May 16, 2011

Peters Party of 5, updated!

Check out the new header!  It makes me look way more awesome than I really am all thanks to the amazing Jill Paddack of Jill Paddack Photography.  We met in the rain (Can you tell?  No?  See?!) and she snapped a handful of pictures and we were off again, it was that quick.  It would have been very easy for her to reschedule us given the diminishing weather but she knows the effort and energy put into having everyone together, clean, and ready.  She happily met us in the rain to get this done.  My brood was decently behaved and there were no bribes involved even though I was willing to pull out the big guns if necessary.  And by big guns I mean GUM. 

Thanks, Jill.  You're amazing and I will forever cherish this picture of my Peters Party of 5.


  1. And everybody is smiling perfectly! Love it!!

  2. It's breath-taking. The stormy skies make it all the better. I LOVE this photo. Print it big HUGE


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