Friday, May 13, 2011

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Blogging. It's a relatively new way of keeping a diary or as some may see it, airing one's dirty laundry.  Mine is a little of both I suppose and I'm (obviously) completely comfortable with that. 

Two of my blogging mommy friends, Anne and Katrina, and I met for dinner a few nights ago. We talked about lots of things during our 2 and a half hour meal;  kids, school, marriage, poopy diapers, sleep, family, and... blogging.  It's funny how important blogging has become to all of us. We are all stay-at-home moms who previously had careers. We are all home bound for a few hours everyday with little ones who nap. We all have a great need for social interaction.  We all enjoy writing and find some kind of theraputic something in doing so.  We also have 10 kids ages 7 and under between the three of us and there's no way of getting around the fact that blogging is an escape of sorts, even if for 20 minutes. 

Blogging for me has become part of my day.  I have never ever ever not had something I wanted to write about.  I don't think so much about writing for an audience since I really don't know who my audience is.  I get comments, often from the same fabulous people, but I would assume that the others who read and don't ever comment are moms with kids, figuring it out and surviving with a smile (or trying to), just like I am. 

I don't have one friend whose husband has a normal 9-5 job.  Almost everyone commutes.  Kids don't always go to neighborhood schools anymore.  It's just different than it used to be and many interactions are kept up through online communication.  If this was one's only way of being connected to the outside world, that could be a problem.  For me, it's a maintenance thing.  We get together, either alone or with kids, and then for the next month or more we communicate, commiserate, and reciprocate through emails, blogs, and facebook.  It's a community, a bit of my life, and a huge support. 

Thanks for checking in with Peters Party of 5.  Thanks for the comments.  Thanks for those of you who have said I keep it real.  You are to me what I am to you and I thank you!

I encourage you to go check out The Abris 5 and The Adams Six-Pack!

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