Thursday, May 5, 2011


Do we care about what Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have named their twins?  When it's names like Morrocan and Monroe we do.  Since I named my daughter Drew I may not have a right to throw stones but c'mon.  Moroccan 'cause that's the decor of the room where Nick Cannon proposed to her and Monroe because she's always admired Marilyn Monroe.  If that's the case I should have named two of my kids Gingham (we were in a cute hotel room) and Connick (I've always admired Harry Connick, Jr.).  LAME.


A couple times a week the kids stay for the after school program where they eat lunch with their friends and then do a couple extra activities.  That means that the cost of it (other than the actual financial cost) is that I have to make lunches the night before BUT the payback is that I get an extra hour and a half with just Lauren in the afternoon and the kids are kept busy and happy with no effort from me.  This morning on the way to school Drew inspected her lunch (as she always does) and said, "Where is my sandwich?"  Well, not that it's a huge crime or anything but I forgot to make sandwiches.  Isn't that funny?  I thought it was funny.  A lunch for a kid without a sandwich.  I packed applesauce, water, yogurt, and Chex Mix.  That's it.  That's what I get for being more interested in American Idol than I am in what I'm packing for my kids' lunches.  Shut the TV off and pay attention! 


Every single morning, without fail, I start the car and then have to turn it off to run back into the house for something.  Every. Single. Morning.  Am I the only one?  I laugh about it every single morning, too, because no matter how much time we have to spare, no matter how organized I am the night before, I always get in the car, with all 3 kids strapped in and start to back up when I remember something and have to run back in the house for it.  It's now just a part of the routine.


William is the sweetest kid.  His manners are spot on and without fail, his heart is huge and open, and he's very affectionate.  He's also a hot emotional mess and can turn into a 14 year old at the snap of a finger.  I've always thought he has emotional-teenage-girl-tendencies but today he solidified it.  We were in the car on the way to school and Drew said, "I don't have to listen to you, William, because I was born first and that means I'm older."  William looked at her and said, "Awk - ward" like those Disney Channel teenage girls do.  It was completely spoken at the wrong time, it made no sense, but it was startling and hilarious nonetheless.  AWK WARD! indeed!


We've lived in this house for what will soon be 6 years.  We've torn down wallpaper and added a walk-in pantry during that time.  But, in the last 3 weeks we've had all new windows put in, new baseboards, new paint in three rooms, crown moulding in two rooms, and new casings around the door.  The house is ready for a party!  I've also rediscovered that I'm terrible when the house is in disarray.  I can hardly function or think straight when there are tarps laying around on the floor for dirty feet, when strange men are climbing in and out of open holes in my livingroom, and when sawdust is all over the driveway.  It's worth it in the end but man, the process is painful for me.  Controlling, much?


Did you know?  Starbucks is hosting a Happy Hour starting tomorrow (May 6) through next week.  Go in between 3:00pm and 5:00pm and all frappacinos are half-price. 


Tomorrow is Friday, friends!  It's almost Mother's Day weekend!  And if you have a mom in your life who just wants to be left alone on Mother's Day, don't take it personally.  You'll reap the benefits from a well-rested woman in the week that follows. 



  1. Ashley, I LOVE your blog and how it can always make me literally LAUGH OUT LOUD! #1 - Yes, totally lame, but I'm sure there will be more Morrocans and Monroes in the world now. #2 - I am so looking forward to that option when the kids start this Fall (Jaden is still on the wait list though). #3 - Yup, that's me! Doesn't matter how I've laid everything out the night before. But I don't turn off my car...I just run in and out really fast :). #4 - LOVE IT! How did Drew respond to that? #5 - Letting go of HARD!

  2. I don't have three kids strapped in, but pretty much without fail I have to run back in and get what was forgot. Love the video of W sounding like a teenage girl!


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