Friday, May 20, 2011


William has finished preschool.  Drew has finished kindergarten.  They both had ceremonies at school the last couple nights.  Surprisingly I wasn't emotional.  Maybe it's because I was preoccupied a bit with the week's unexpected activities and I'm thinking maybe that's a good thing.  I tend to get stupid over milestones, as you know.  Anyway, as a celebration for both kids I decided we'd take them to Build-A-Bear.  Drew has asked in the past to make a Build-A-Bear and I've always said no.  Not because I'm mean and heartless but because a $50 teddy bear that she'll NEVER play with was just out of question.  Callmecrazy.  I know the process of making the bear is part of the fun so this was something a kept in my back pocket for a special treat.  Graduation was the right time to whip this baby out. 

Filling his bear before dressing him in his Jedi clothes

Giving life to the heart of her bear before putting it inside

Preschool grad and kindergarten grad

Exhibit A if we ever go to divorce court.

It was a good day.


  1. my kids love build a bear. they have always gotten them for each other for christmas. they record a message to each other to put in the bear and then i have their voices to remember how small they were. im sure they will love their bears and play with them often. i will bring lakota over with whole family of them and they can play together.

  2. Great idea and all, but a rainbow bear?...Not that there's anything wrong with that!

  3. ahahah!! OMG! I feel the same way. And in fact, we just went to SD and Downtown Disney this past weekend and I've always said no to Build A Bear. This time, I don't know why, but Ryan said maybe, which turned into a Yes. but instead of purchasing an full on outfit each for 2 bears, I said yes to a $10 bear and 1 accessory of any kind that is less than $10. still came out to $40 fricken dollars!! CRAZY! i shoulda told him this was his grad gift.


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