Friday, May 6, 2011

Reason # bajillion why I love that man

Chris on the phone from the firehouse:  What are you thinking you'd like to do on Mother's Day?

Me:  Honestly?  Not much.  Like, not much at home.  You know what I mean?

Chris:  Yes, I know what you mean.  But your not much and my not much are different.

Me:  Huh?

Chris:  How can I help facilitate you doing not much?

Me:  Send me away for the day and have the kids do a special something for me while I'm gone.  Like brainstorm what would make me happy like cleaning their rooms or planting some flowers in the front yard so that when I come home I can find a little something special that they have done for me.  But most importantly, I just want to get out for lots of hours in the afternoon.

Chris:  Consider it done.

And just so you don't actually think I'm the worst, I will be home for a family breakfast and a nice dinner out with my Party of 5.  It's just during the day I'm going to escape from any responsibility.

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  1. Nothing wrong with "not much" considering how "much" you do. Have a fabulous Mother's Day!!


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