Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rated G is not for everyone

As you know, I'm quite particular about many things.  I don't think that the money dance should be done at weddings (sorry if this offends you!), I don't think a ginormous goody bag is necessary for the children who attend your child's birthday celebration, and I don't think that you need to separate your whites from your colors unless there is a new pair of jeans in the load from Banana Republic which inevitably will turn your whole wardrobe a drab gray.  I mean, why make more work for yourself?  Anyway, another thing I'm particular about is kids at the movies.  I mean little kids.  Like 8 month olds.  Really? 

I took the big kids to see The Lion King tonight.  It was in 3D and aside from the stampede part it was fabulous for them.  They loved it.  William kept reaching out in a Stevie Wonder kinda way with his 3D glasses on to touch the leaves or the water or the lion's fur as it went by in front of his face.  That was so cute.  The thing I had to work on was ignoring the INFANTS who were making noise.  Just because a movie is rated G, my friends, doesn't mean that your baby needs to go see it.  And I totally get that if the baby doesn't come with you than you may not get to go to the movies.  I get it - but SORRY.  That's kind of how it may have to be for a very short period of time in your life.  Not only do the INFANTS disturb others but it's gotta be really loud and scary for them, don't you think?

Anyway, it was a great time for us and we had popcorn for dinner which you can never go wrong with.  We quoted the movie all the way home and Drew just went to sleep listening to the soundtrack I've had for nearly 20 years now. 

The Lion King is only out in theaters for 2 weeks.  Take your kids before it's gone!  But I'll speak for the person sitting next to you - for God's sweet sake, leave your babies at home!

Hakuna Matata

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  1. My sister in law brought my few weeks old nephew to Star Wars. She swears he slept or nursed through the whole thing. NOT A FAN. I would be so worried about "what if" he just wouldn't be enjoyable for ME, not to mention everyone else. Ryan did not go to a movie until he was 4 and it was a $1 Veggie Tales movie. He has since been to a few more. Luke has NEVER gone. He might have to wait til he is 10 :)


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