Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I was listening to NPR on the way to a doctor's appointment this morning.  The topic was the unemployment rate in the state of California (11%!) and ways in which that can be changed and prevented from happening again, as well as the consequences of such a high unemployment rate on every citizen in the state.  The apathy of the people who think they aren't affected is a huge factor in changes being so slow in coming.  After about 5 minutes of listening to it I changed it to a different station and found myself rocking out to Neyo and Pitbull.  And, my friends, there inlies the problem.   


I take a class at the gym 4 nights a week.  3 are cardio/lifting classes, one is Zumba.  There is a girl in there who attends almost every single class I do.  She is super tall and fit and thin but mostly super tall.  She just looks... giantly tall.  Last night, for the first time, I stood next to her as we were putting our weights away.  We're the same height.  I think because she's thin she appears taller and I think because not a whole lotta women are nearly 6 feet it just struck me.  Do people think I am giantly tall?  I'm certainly helping myself to appear shorter with my girth but... do they? 


I had an eye appointment this morning.  I've worn glasses since I was a sophomore in high school.  I just can't see far away.  I'm a squinter without my glasses.  With each pregnancy, though, my eye sight became better.  Then better, then better.  The optomotrist told me that if I had two more babies I'd probably be 20/20.  Well, since I'm 2.5 years out from my last pregnancy my eyes are getting worse again, and by worse I just mean to how they were before babies.  Weird.  But!  I get to go pick out new glasses.  I may change up my look a little.  Or maybe not.  I'm kinda chicken and not a fan of change.  We'll see.  I also told him that my eyes are really red and bothersome in the morning or even after a long nap.  He said it's caused by dryness and it's likely that for some reason all of a sudden I may be sleeping with my eyes open a little bit.  CREEP EEEE.


William had a great birthday yesterday and I want to thank all of those who love him who reached out to him or even to me.  Last night when I put him to bed I told him all the mushy stuff I feel about him and how I'm so happy he had a great birthday.  He said, "Mommy, I promise I'll never unlove you."  I've never heard more awesome words.


  1. 1. NPR rocks the world.

    2. As you know, I have a ridiculously tall husband. He's 6'6". I've sort of gotten used to his height. I don't feel like he's THAT tall. Then we'll go somewhere and there will be someone who I think is a GIANT and I will make Matt go stand next to that person (this is a regular game that I play) and he is always taller. I think that when we are around someone all the time, we forget that they are outside of the norm, and you are around yourself all the time. I think it's weird that as well as I know you, I've not been physically around you that often and if memory serves correctly, I don't remember thinking you were THAT tall. I have a picture in mind. I'll have to find it.

    3. Your eyes = weird

    4. William = love and awesome

  2. 1) I'm guilty, too.

    2) People I'm around more usually don't seem THAT tall to me until I see me next to them in a picture.

    3) I have slept with my eyes partly open since I can remember...and my eyes are super dry...and I never do anything about it. So, if you decided to have 5 kids, you'd have perfect vision? That's awesome! Mine never got worse or better.

    4) He is too sweet :).

  3. Never have an overhead fan on during your sleeping hours and try wearing a sleeping mask. There are also special eye drops that you can use before sleep...check with your doctor. With exceptionally dry eyes you can also injure the cornea when you open your lids after hours of drying out.


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